Being an independent chartered financial planning practice we work for individuals and companies on all aspects of financial planning, to help you achieve your financial goals with access to products across the whole of the market place.

Once we have an understanding of your needs, objectives and lifetime aspirations, we can then find the most suitable solution both now and in the future – it all happens in these easy steps:

Step 1: Engagement

CFPML - What We Do - Engagement

We will arrange an initial consultation, at our cost, so we can understand how we can help you. This will last about 30 mins. During this time we will explain our services and charges and establish your individual requirements. We will then issue you with a personalised letter of engagement pertinent to your needs and aspirations, which will set out the service we will provide to you and the specific charges involved.

Step 2: Discovery

CFPML - What We Do - Discovery

We will require you to complete a financial questionnaire so that we can gain a better understanding of you, your goals, your values, amongst other factors, such as the level of investment risk you are willing, able and need to take.

Step 3: Research & Analysis

CFPML - What We Do - Research and Analysis

Having established your needs and aspirations, we will now form your personalised financial plan, underpinned with our experienced research and detailed analysis. We take into account information such as how long you wish to invest, the growth you’re expecting, income requirements, your tax position, level of flexibility and so on.

Step 4: Present Recommendations

CFPML - What We Do - Present Recommendations

We will now present our recommendations, based on the personalised confidential financial plan we’ve developed for you. This now sets out realistic solutions to achieve your needs and aspirations, with the use of cash flow models, to graphically show your income and expenditure. In this way we can aim to ensure you have sufficient funds for the whole of your life. We also look at the investment solutions which will be most suitable for you, to match your attitude to investment risk.

Step 5: Implementation

CFPML - What We Do - Implementation

Once you are happy that you fully understand your plan and our recommendations, and have agreed to proceed, we put this into action, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Step 6: Ongoing Services & Relationship

CFPML - What We Do - Ongoing Services and Relationship

We will carefully monitor and assess the performance of your investments for discussion at regular reviews. We will also check whether your attitude to investment risk and personal/family circumstances have changed.

Our Personal and Corporate Financial Planning Services Include:

Full Financial Planning
Whether you are at the beginning of your financial journey or perhaps you are coming to the end of your working career, maybe you are in retirement, it’s important to identify plans you will need in place now and in the future to achieve your lifetime goals. We will listen to your needs and aspirations and will help you create a plan for your finances to help you achieve them.

Retirement Planning
It’s important to know that the money you are saving towards retirement will provide you with sufficient funds to be happy and secure. We will work with you to create a financial plan for your retirement and help you decide on the best solutions for you.
(eg, Self-Invested Personal Pensions, pension switches, Income drawdown and many more)

Investment Planning
Having accumulated your savings it’s important to ensure that they are invested in funds which are suitable given your objectives, timeframes, and most importantly, any risks are understood and match those you are willing, able or need to take.
(ie, unit trusts, ISAs, corporate bonds via platforms, and many more)

Pension Planning
We can provide advice in relation to the different pension plans you may have accumulated during your working life and ensure these are best placed to ensure your retirement objectives can be met. This could include ensuring the pension funds are invested in a manner that suits your risk tolerance profile; ensuring the costs your pensions are subject to, and the providers are suitable for your needs; advise on your options in relation to retained pension benefits from old employers, including final salary/defined benefit arrangements; pension transfers and switches.

Inheritance Tax Planning
Having accumulated your savings it’s important to ensure that they are invested in funds which are suitable based on your objectives, timeframes, and most importantly, any risks are understood and are in line with those you are willing, able or need to take.
(eg, unit trusts, ISAs, corporate bond funds via platforms, and many more)

Protection & Business Planning
Most of us want to protect the things that are important to us, our family, our business and overall quality of life. Protection planning can give you peace of mind in the event of a change in your income due to unexpected events. We can help you plan for this.
(eg, personal life cover, key man insurance, mortgage protection, income protection, critical illness cover, whole of life cover and many more)

If you’re a bit confused, still unsure if we can help – or you have a good idea of your aims and aspirations and want to discuss things through with us, Call on 01892 664141, we're sure we can help you.

The Last Bit: Ongoing Advice, to Help With Your Financial Goals

We offer a service arrangement with the aim of ensuring that your aspirations keep pace with your change in circumstances, or for those unpredictable lifetime events:

Annual Review Service

This is a comprehensive service. You will receive an annual review and regular updates from your adviser, with telephone access for general advice. We will ensure your finances are reviewed in line with your current circumstances.

There are many other benefits of this service arrangement – we provide more detail in our client documentation.